The simple answer is yes but be aware that although full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils contain the legal amount of THC this may result in a positive test.  THC and all other cannabinoids except CBD in isolation are on the prohibited list according to the WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency). Quoted from The...

Here at CBD Leafline we felt that it was important that we designed a dosing chart to  help our customers understand how much CBD is in each and every drop of our high quality whole plant hemp CBD oil.  This ensures that you are able to follow the maximum daily recommended dose. The maximum daily...

Ingredient spotlight – MCT Fractionated coconut oil   Why do we use MCT as the carrier oil in our tinctures ?   Medium-chain triglycerides, commonly referred to as MCTs, are a type of dietary fat with a unique chemical structure. Compared to longer-chain fats, MCTs are absorbed more easily into the body, therefore, enhancing the...


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