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CBD sports topicals

CBD muscle balm | CBD sports topicals

Muscle balms are used for targeted relief from everyday aches and pain.  Used in conjunction with our CBD oil oral drops is the most effective way to manage the journey to repair.

We consider CBD topical muscle balm as outer therapy treating localised and targeted areas and the CBD oil oral drops are used for inner therapy.

Our CBD bundles are the perfect combination to manage painful symptoms, starting with 1-2 drops of our CBD oil in the morning and repeating the same in the evening on a daily basis will initiate the process of recovery.  Use the balm as and when needed.

Contains 100% natural ingredients including whole plant hemp derived CBD oil, derived from organically grown hemp.  By using whole plant oil you are benefiting from the natural balance of all compounds from within the plant, not just CBD.

This muscle balm has been formulated using olive oil, beeswax, raw coconut oil, essential oils of teatree and eucalyptus plus 250mg whole plant hemp oil.

The tea tree has been used for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties whilst the cooling effects of eucalyptus improve blood circulation assisting with muscle recovery.  All ingredients combined soothe and ease tired and aching muscles.

100% Natural Ingredients

Parabens and Sulphate free

Made in the UK

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