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Shopping guide to CBD Skincare and beauty products

With CBD skincare products becoming the hottest topic in the skincare and beauty sector, we’ve put together a shopping guide to ensure that you’re finding the best CBD skincare products available.


  • Make sure the ingredients list states “cannabidiol”.  Hemp seed oil or extract is not the same as CBD.  This should be displayed in the ingredients list.


  • Brands indicating the amount of cannabidiol content in milligrams (mg) is a good indicator that the CBD product is credible. 


  • Buy UK – there is an increasing number of CBD skincare products that are imported and therefore haven’t passed the stringent cosmetic testing regulations of the UK.  What is a legal ingredient in one country is not necessarily a legal ingredient in ours.



If you follow these top tips you can rest assured that you are buying a good quality CBD skincare product – happy shopping ?.  

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