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Full spectrum – is produced using the whole plant and contains all compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant, including terpenes*. It also contains THC in trace amounts within UK guidelines and can be classed as THC free as long as the product contains no more than the 1mg per preparation/container.

*Terpenes are the natural smells and flavours produced by the cannabis plant and are unique to a particular strain.

In some cases there are products that are full spectrum oils but can contain cannabinoids such as THC above the legal limits in the UK.  It is advisable to download the laboratory reports for the product you are purchasing to ensure the THC levels are below 1mg.

Broad Spectrum – is a whole plant oil where other selected cannabinoids have been completely or partially removed allowing for all other cannabinoids to remain present.

CBD Isolate – this is exactly what it states, isolated CBD.  All of the compounds have been removed leaving only the extracted CBD (Cannabidiol).  Whilst it is a highly active compound, recent studies are proving that having a whole plant oil containing all cannabinoids is far more beneficial.