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As creators, developers and manufacturers of premium CBD infused products, our aim is to deliver the finest selection of compliant products on the UK market.

Paul & Sonia Shrive

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The Finest Selection of CBD infused products in the North West Of England, UK.

CBD Leafline was founded in 2018 and is owned by myself, Paul and my wife, Sonia Shrive.

How our CBD journey started ……….. My first encounter with the wonderful hemp/cannabis plant was at the tender age of 15 when I accompanied my father on a 6 month business trip to Naorobi, Africa.

I had the rare opportunity to explore and live the life of a local and saw firsthand how the African people used the plant in various ways throughout their daily lives.

Not only was the plant used for its therapeutic and healing properties but also to build homes, make rope, clothes and soap, this was normal and accepted by everyone.

Even at this young age I was able to witness and appreciate how amazing the plant was, however, on returning back to the UK I was told by my father to leave my experience in Africa as it was illegal explaining that our country did not recognise the plant in the way the Africans embraced it.

See the interview that I did with Mountverdi explaining Why we set up our CBD business.

In 2016, the spark of the CBD industry was ignited when CBD (cannabidiol) was classed as a food supplement in the UK, allowing the active ingredient to be infused into products for consumption and use.

Recalling my love and passion of the plant, I began to research and set about working out how I could bring our own range of CBD products to market.

Other work commitments took over and although we wanted to start the venture back then there never seemed a right time. We decided to take the plunge towards the end of 2018 with the view of ‘no regrets’.

My experience in manufacturing, distribution and wholesale and my wife’s experience in marketing and customer service equipped us for what lay ahead.

We believe that everything happens for a reason and although we did not know it at the time, our then career paths had prepared us for the industry. We are also both qualified in the health, fitness and beauty industry which has also served as a great asset.

From the very beginning we decided that we wouldn’t rush our products to market.

By giving ourselves time we have been able to research the CBD industry, understanding it from root to tip.

It soon became obvious that our main focus was to ensure product compliance in the UK aswell as providing a high quality organic product that appealed to everyone.

Furthermore, we wanted to be able to inform and educate our customers whilst simultaneously retaining compliancy – tricky, especially when the MHRA (medicines and healthcare regulatory agency for the UK) have classified CBD as a food supplement, disallowing any reference to medicinal values whatsoever unlike America or Canada who report on the research, development & benefits of CBD on a daily basis.

We were adamant that we wanted to manufacture products in our own facility which has enabled us to be masters of our own destiny.

This also allows us to be able to bring our products to market in a timely and confident manner.

Our other main focus has been to educate our customers about CBD through reader friendly packaging that is easy to understand – we know there is nothing worse than being left frustrated by industry terminology – we hope we have achieved that.

We are proud of our journey so far and even more proud to say that we manufacture right here in the North West of England, creating work for local businesses and jobs for local people.

We practice what we preach and we both use CBD oil on a daily basis along with other family members and without a doubt it has changed our overall wellbeing – no miracle cures, to put it simply we feel re-balanced.

See interview with Nonna Carla, how at 82 CBD has given her a new lease of life.

Paul & Sonia (and Nonna Carla) at CBD Leafline®.

Customers: enquiries@cbdleafline.co.uk
Trade: trade@cbdleafline.co.uk


Customers: enquiries@cbdleafline.co.uk
Trade: trade@cbdleafline.co.uk

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