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Sprouting questions? Nourish your curiosity with our CBD FAQ section!

We have put together our most Frequently Asked Questions relating to CBD and in particular our CBD Oil products. We hope this will help you. If you are not able to find an answer to your question, please feel free to email us at enquiries@cbdleafline.co.uk, or complete our contact form here. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

UK government guidelines currently state that each preparation/container should contain no more than 1mg THC. To ensure compliance Leafline® CBD oils are batch tested to ensure that the cannabinoid content adheres to these guidelines.

You can rest assured that you will not fail a drugs test or get high from our products.

Our CBD Pure Isolate Oil range contains no other cannabinoids other than CBD and therefore is recommended if you are concerned about failing drugs tests.

Absolutely, all of our products* are 100% safe and legal to consume. They are manufactured here in the United Kingdom and adhere to current government legislation.

*An exempt product under the misuse of drugs regulation 2001.

Full spectrum – is produced using the whole plant and contains all compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant, including terpenes*. It also contains THC in trace amounts within UK guidelines and can be classed as THC free as long as the product contains no more than the 1mg per preparation/container. As stated on a previous question think of our oil as a plant in a bottle, unaltered and nothing taken out,  just natural pure goodness.

*Terpenes are the natural smells and flavours produced by the cannabis plant and are unique to a particular strain.

In some cases there are products that are full spectrum oils but can contain cannabinoids such as THC above the legal limits in the UK.  It is advisable to download the laboratory reports for the product you are purchasing to ensure the THC levels are below 1mg.

Broad Spectrum – is a whole plant oil where THC and/or other selected cannabinoids have been completely or partially removed allowing for all other cannabinoids to remain present.

CBD Isolate – this is exactly what it states, isolated CBD.  All of the compounds have been removed leaving only the extracted CBD (Cannabidiol).  Whilst it is a highly active compound, recent studies are proving that having a whole plant oil containing all cannabinoids is far more beneficial.

Current government legislation defines CBD as a food supplement, this means that no medical claims may be made concerning benefits derived from the daily use of CBD, however, what we do know is that CBD is known to regulate the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), its role is to keep every function of the body in balance and when we are balanced, our day to day lives are improved.

An increasing number of articles, blogs, forums and information pieces surrounding this highly topical subject can readily be found in the media, particularly on the internet. It is recommended that you research CBD before consuming.

We also recommend that you consult your GP if you are on medication before consuming CBD.

We have found websites like www.cbdcentral.com or www.projectcbd.org are very useful sources of information.

The combined consumption of various cannabinoids and terpenes* offers benefits that are superior to taking a single cannabinoid in isolation. The cannabinoids act in harmony with each other – synergistically increasing the overall effect.

*Terpenes are the natural smells and flavours produced by the cannabis plant and are unique to a particular strain.

Our wholeplant oil range is derived from low-THC grown cannabis (hemp) that not only contains CBD but also preserves the natural balance of compounds (otherwise known as cannabinoids) from the plant, ensuring delivery of the “The Entourage Effect” in every drop.

We always advise our customers to start on a low strength and work your way up. In the UK, the maximum CBD dosage is currently set at 70mg per day. For many, between 10-20mg CBD per day is where they notice desired results.

Our CBD oils are either administered using a pipette or spray depending on the range, sublingually (under the tongue).  It is important that you keep the oil under the tongue for as long as possible 2-5 minutes. This will allow the oil to be absorbed fully into the bloodstream.

Everyone is different and it can take anything between 2-6 weeks to find your ‘sweet spot’.

To work out your daily dose, start by keeping a journal of your ailments, scoring out of 10 how it affects you (the higher the number, the worse you feel). Hide these scores until you are close to finishing your bottle, then rescore and compare. If the numbers are decreasing then great you are on the right track but if slow or not moving at all, increase your dose or strength. Repeat the process until your scores are at their lowest possible.

We sell our products direct to the public on this website and we also have a number of stockists that sell our products both on-line and in retail outlets:-

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